Sunday 22 June 2008

Expecting high drama on the Mount of Olives

Gay in Jerusalem

The pre-occupation of the Anglican Church with all things homosexual be it clergy or marriage is beginning to entertain rather than infuriate. It is gay (in the non-perjorative sense in Jerusalem.)

Lately, a swarm of holier-than-thou bishops going with the acronym of GAFCON [Source - Wikipedia] (Global Anglican Future Conference) met in Jerusalem as part of their plan to break up the Anglican Communion in the quest to keep the church too holy to minister to people who probably need the church the most.

The animosity to gay representation in the church is such that many might just be more repulsed by the inability of the church to minister to the laity than the laity’s possible innate prejudice against homosexuality.

Farce in Jordan

Lead by the Archbishop Peter Akinola [Source - Wikipedia] of Nigeria, it is almost laughable [Source –] that the bishops had planned to meet in Jordan until the bishop was refused entry for visa problems that they had to decamp to Jerusalem.

Apparently, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem is an unwillingly and reluctant host of this cabal of Christian gentlemen, much as the bishops believe that the crisis in the church really does require that they be in Jerusalem [Source - Global Anglican Future - Holy Land 2008] – the Holy Land. It is quite instructive that a minister of God in a land of great turmoil does not believe the church should split over these matters - reconciliation is a life he strives to live as the holy bishops seek cause for schism.

Gates of gays prevailing

In any case, the fully robed bishops shall troop up the Mount of Olives [Source - Wikipedia] today and command views of the old city of Jerusalem as they might well be tempted of the opportunity to hijack the leadership of the church surreptitiously through their doctrinally dogmatic stance.

The gates of homosexuality might proverbially be prevailing on the persons of the church that they are excited about splitting it up so as to highlight the differences of opinion and doctinal interpretation.

Meanwhile, the flock suffers as they are pulled asunder but good and bad shepherds leaving all vulnerable to wolves – it makes you wonder who really needs the Anglican Church anymore – as the world and society changes the church and its message are left behind and the people lost in space.

The only thing that would assuage my thirst for more high drama from the bishops would be a mass defrocking on the mount, then we would all really understand what the fuss is all about.

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