Tuesday 17 June 2008

Zimbabwe: Ready for Re-Colonisation

State-sponsored anarchy

The world watches almost helplessly as Zimbabwe descends into state-sponsored anarchy into order to entrench a desperate incumbency that spews out outrageous lies and falsehoods.

Robert Mugabe contends that he is fight for the land and sovereignty of Zimbabwe and would fight to the last man almost just short of declaring war to prevent Zimbabwe from being re-colonised.

He avers that the opposition that took the majority vote in the first round of presidential elections wants to sell Zimbabwe back to its old colonial masters such that whilst he lives it would never happen.

27 years of ruin

What I am about to say is controversially uncomfortable and is bereft of the encumbrance of sentiment; we must not forget that Robert Mugabe has been in charge of his country for 27 years.

27 years to turn it around, 27 years to make it a prosperous country, 27 years to give the people the right to decide who rules them and 27 years not to have to live in fear of extreme violence because one is exercising their right to vote.

Maybe there is some truth in the idea of re-colonising Zimbabwe, but I would be hard-pressed to find any reasons why Zimbabwe of today offers any desirable prospect for that kind of venture.

Nothing worthwhile there

Considering how destitute and impoverished many seem that almost 25% are refugees in neighbouring countries, one cannot make any decent slavery venture of men already herded about like starved cattle – brought about by this great liberation leader.

Zimbabwe has land, good agricultural land – in fact only 8.24% is arable [CIA World Fact Book], but there is a lot more land in Africa, the farmers chased out of Zimbabwe are beginning to thrive in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Zimbabwe however has no oil, its minerals which include platinum, gold and ferroalloys are not of the quantity that would have a radical economic impact on its people.

The life expectancy at birth is now 39.73 years with an unemployment rate of 80%, one wonders if there is any prospect for that country with that old man in charge at 84.

Skills for murder and destruction

What we have are an unemployable set of dead-enders who are called war veterans, an unfortunate mob of brigands who have been manipulated for 27 years by an unconscionable despot for political ends without delivering any appreciable benefits to their lives.

Their skills are better wielded with cudgels, sticks, guns and instruments of menace, rather than pens, hoes and brains such that the many that were offered the usurped farms had no aptitude to make anything work – they even failed at make weeds grow.

Their future has been yoked to great misfortune no matter what opportunity they have been offered such that they are zombies in the beck and call of the great liberation leader.

Deceived, cajoled and deployed

These people have been short-changed and laid destitute by their liberation leader who seeks to lay blame elsewhere as his wife enjoys the moniker of First Shopper.

The truth is there is nothing to colonise about Zimbabwe, but having make the country completely destitute any attempt to lift the country out of its morass would have it beholden to helpers – it is already in a colonisation-prone state as a result of the policies of the government that would not leave or allow the people to decide on who should lead them.

The war veterans have been cajoled with handouts and sops that do not last or provide a future, they are so desperate for anything that they are so easily persuaded of a false cause to harm their fellow Zimbabweans; having forgotten that it is this same demonic despot who killed fellow Zimbabweans in Matabeleland.

A crisis of leadership in Africa

This is where Africa suffers a great crisis of leadership, this outrage happens on our doorstep and the ones who should speak up appease and tolerate the intolerable.

When would the wool be pulled off our eyes to realise that the Zimbabweans deserve better and that great future does not emanate from any vision that Robert Mugabe projects?

There is nothing to colonise about Zimbabwe, it is time for all of us to see that truth and really for the last time consign the Grand Despot of Africa to the history of ignominy once and for all.

The Zimbabweans do deserve not be colonised by a cabal of corrupt leaders living in opulence whilst the people die of hunger in destitution and die horribly of violence meted out on them by their leaders for deciding to vote as they desire.

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