Saturday 7 June 2008

Is this the man?

A beach of uncertainty

They ululate and splash about in the water as the waves rise for the thrill of surfing – so much fun and so much joy they forget that something so good could have something lurking ready to attack from below.

Obviously, the established outfits had no match for this campaign which really had become a movement, a great movement for change that had not been seen for well over a generation.

But I did not come out to surf in these waves, even though I chanced upon the beach and I watched the waves ebb and flow, till it seemed to recede a lot faster and further away than it should.

A tsunami of change

Indeed, we should have heard the breaking news, there was an undersea earthquake and those were the signs of a tsunami coming to shore. I should run but nobody is running, oblivious of the danger and fascinated by the spectacle.

I would not take anything away from the amazing victory that has been wrought to have a shot at the Presidency of the United States, what we had hoped for eight years ago has been eradicated with the ructions of the earthquake of change and a tsunami of organisation.

One man on the hill

The platitudes, the praise and the adulation coming with the reference to colour is interesting but it is just one man on the hill – the country is still steeped in colour-driven prejudice, one man does not a revolution make.

You only have to come to the UK and see which other woman has managed to succeed Margaret Thatcher, nor is there an ethnic minority in sight on the unusual oratorical track to number 10 Downing Street.

When I listened, I could have been in church, indeed, the people need to be inspired to believe beyond themselves, but soon they would be bold enough to walk on hot coals, but what does that prove?

Those who watch would be filled with hope, those who vie would be brought to tears, this is a juggernaut that would take out every obstacle, nothing can withstand what has happened upon us.

Is this the man?

As I watch things from afar, so unusual, so different, so ground-breaking, so eloquent, so winningly overwhelming, I can only wonder as I wondered in February 2007 – is this the man they talked of in the Book of Ages?

Is this the man with the answers to all ills in the world that each time he speaks we would follow like sheep, that great leader that signals the imminent end to the world?

Having deftly excommunicated himself from his communion, I do really wonder at the signs, the signals and the gathering of the storm or the opening of the clouds.

Is this the man?

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