Thursday 9 August 2007

The First Gulder Ultimate Death II

Blaming the victim

The plot begins to thicken as the 4th Gulder Ultimate Search took one contestant to the ultimate sacrifice - death.

My first write up on this matter was full of speculation and that was because the snippets of news we were given were far from satisfactory to allay the fears of foul play.

It now transpires that the young man died during a challenge when something of his apparently fell into the water as he was traversing it in a canoe, he tried to reclaim the object and he fell in the lake and drowned.

The story is developing a convenient means of exculpating everyone but the victim, but that would be getting off too easy.

The responsibility for safety measures

Given that the contest does require that contestant be able to swim if swimming were required, when you are in a canoe, I do not think you are prepared for swimming. In those circumstances, the occupants of the canoe should and must be wearing life jackets.

This should have been standard non-negotiable safety procedure monitored and enforced by the organisers who should have been more responsible for their wards.

It is also amazing that the organisers allowed the contestants to board the canoes with things or valuables that would have created the situation that compelled Mr. Ogadje to dive into the water to retrieve the thing that eventually lead to his loss of life.

More to this

I think there is still more to this story, but this story as it develops is building a case of criminal culpability against the organisers, if they think they will get away with drip-feeding us half truths rather than the exact chronology of events that lead to the young man becoming impossible to resuscitate, they have really got it coming.

I will not relent till I am convinced of the facts - keep talking and speaking up fast.

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