Sunday 12 August 2007

North Pole: If you believed ...

If …

The chorus goes – If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon (Lyrics by R.E.M) – well, we saw the footage, but no one to tell us where they got it from.

If I believe they’ll dig a hole at the pole, it probably would not be far off. I expected some level-headedness in dealing with the rush to the North Pole and the planting of the Russian flag in the abyss of the dark de-icing waters of the pole, but that is becoming far-fetched.

First the Canadian Prime Minister sets off on an Arctic trek then deploys military bases on their sovereign claims, now the Danes are setting off from a Norwegian port on a Swedish boat with the aid of a Russian ice-breaker to conduct a geological survey to decide who would take the spoils.

Changing the world and believing nothing

At the moment, the United States have not shown their hand, but I am getting prepared to see a fundamental realignment of latitudes and longitudes if not the obfuscation of time when nuclear weapons are set off on the North pole radically altering the rotational axis of the earth and turning the constituted order we have into a seriously inebriated wobble.

I am however not ready to believe anything that comes from any of those expeditions because the Russians in all their heroics presented footage from the Hollywood blockbuster – Titanic – as a record of their visit to the bottom of the sea.

It took a 13 year old – Waltteri Seretin from Finland who lives not too far from the North Pole to spot the deception; deceptions which seem to be pervading our screens all around the world lately; the presentation of footage as reality that it is not.

If you believed they put a flag at the pole, flag at the pole – who is going to find out if they really did? I lay claim to my hotel room, now I need a flag. I have no heart for this nonsense, it cannot go on.


This gas flare marks the North Pole

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