Tuesday 1 May 2007

No moaning for Moaning-ho

Decided on penalties

I guess the best thing is to use some of the mature football parlance from Chxta's commentaries.

The first UEFA Champions League semi-final was decided a few minutes ago between Liverpool and ¢h€£$k¥ (Chelsea) on penalties.

Now, the ¢h€£$k¥ coach Jose Moaning-ho (Mourinho) is a complete windup merchant, his statements and commentary are controversial, mischievous and sometimes scandalous.

The last couple of weeks he has been moaning about Manchester United always winning penalties for football infringements and those that should favour ¢h€£$k¥ are overlooked, ignored or dismissed by referees.

Somehow, the FA in the person of the headmaster of football must be fed up of putting Moaning-ho in detention for his windups and outbursts.

Really decided on penalties

So, today, the match ends in a 1-1 aggregate score and after extra time ¢h€£$k¥ have 5 penalties offered to them without dispute or rancour. Moaning-ho chooses 5 of his best available players and only on scores in 3 attempts as Liverpool puts through 4.

Now, I am not one to kick a man when he is down, but Moaning-ho is a man ripe for more than a kicking, I cannot imagine the number of people who would have rejoiced at the drubbing of ¢h€£$k¥ - one out of possible 4 trophies is out, they are now level pegging with Manchester United who are expected to make it to the final against Liverpool in Athens in a few weeks time.

As for Moaning-ho, he would not know when to shut up even if you had a marrow jammed into his gob and egg on his face - he cries foul about penalties and when he gets the penalties, he flunks the whole thing.

Did I notice the Dutch being the winners for Liverpool (Zenden & Kuijt) and the losers for ¢h€£$k¥ (Robben)?

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