Sunday 20 May 2007

My Shehecheyanu - 7 Dutch Years

On Saturday the 20th of May 2000, I set sail for a land far away from home, to live with people of a strange tongue, they welcomed me, succoured me and gave me new perspectives, vision, aims and goals. Home was London the land was the Netherlands.

I am thankful for the way things have turned out; I am still a wayfaring man at heart looking for ways to continual remain relevant in the many spheres of my life.

Whilst my religious inclinations are in an abeyance of sorts, deep down in my heart and soul, I thank the Almighty God for all the blessings and favour that have come my way and sustained me through funny, happy, strange, restless and crazy times, which are many.

I can with gladness of heart say my personalised version of the Shehecheyanu, the special Jewish prayer at august occasions.

Blessed are You, My God,
Creator of time and space,
Who has supported me, protected me,
And brought me to this moment.

I love the Netherlands.

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