Sunday 24 December 2006

A milestone coded in Java

It is all done
I now found the heart and mind to make my own coffee from a brew of Java beans, this was the last academic module which had to be fulfilled before I could start my thesis.
The chapter closed yesterday as I struggled to make a program do wild things as applets in a browser, it all worked out fine in the end.
Eight modules, with a minimum of 30 hours of study, where the advisory recommended at least 15.
To many breaks were taken but that is because of the nature of my work and the way I have financed the project, but I have learnt a lot and I would miss the fun of Discussion Questions, Discussion Follow-ons, Assignments, Project and other kinds of online interaction.
The most important lesson I learnt during the program was first to be relevant amongst your peers, then, you have to strive with yourself to excel- it is not competition, but what is worth doing at all, is really worth doing well.
Now, to my dissertation in January, having been utterly asocial, seeking hotel rooms with wireless connectivity and not relenting, being a host without a boast and many more deprivations, a well deserved rest beckons – in temperate Gran Canaria for Christmas.
To all my friends, fans, well-wishers and detractors – A Merry Christmas.

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