Sunday 5 March 2006

Tough as a heart of stone

Muslim Sodomites always attract the noose
I am beginning to wonder whether toughness is a function of heartlessness or sound principles.
Our minister for Immigration and Integration who has the remit over one of the most inefficient government agencies (IND) in the Netherlands once again takes copy from my observations.
Why the topic of homosexuality excites so much commentary escapes me, but no one seems to tackle the issue objectively enough to allow facts to rule over prejudice and bigotry.
Casual observers of Islam know the perceived intolerance of the religion to homosexuality or sodomy; their laws are crafted to mete out the most severe punishments to the offenders.
Lesbianism seemingly enjoys the mercy of a being caught in the offence four times before the ultimate sanction kicks in; else it is just 100 lashes of the cane. [1]
Iran loves God
Iran probably has the most strident laws against homosexuality, only in July 2005, two teenagers, one 16 and other 19 were sentenced to death for Sodomy. [2]
A society that does not have recourse for some sort of rehabilitation for people that young regardless of their offence; albeit victimless at first and consensual at worst should give any civil observer cause for concern.
Then in November another two men in their Twenties were hanged for the self-same acts. [3][4]
It would appear there is a clear and ever present danger for any homosexual expressing any level of intimacy in Iran that is just of shade better than literally feeding men to lions in some open theatre.
Paedophilia helps the message
However, Mrs Verdonk seems to have some additional information we are not privy to. The hanged Iranians had robbed, kidnapped and tortured a minor, such that their homosexuality would have had no bearing on the sentence.
Now, Mrs Verdonk is a very clever lady by all accounts and what better revulsion can you inflict than to accuse someone of being a paedophile?
All kinds of punishment then pale in significance in the light of that; allowing the next logical argument of sending “Sodomites” back to Iran.
A big heart of stone
We do have a very strict immigration policy and a tough minister in charge of that function in the Netherlands, but to sacrifice human-beings on the principle of a policy to appear tough is contemptible as the traditionally tolerant Dutch career doing the slope of heartlessness and the people lose their soul.
Finally, she argues that Muslims converted to Christianity would only suffer strong societal disapproval. She is obviously not aware that the simple sanction for Islamic apostasy is death and nowhere would that be better exacted than in Iran.
Politicians with compassionate humanity
The Dutch have tacitly welcomed a lot of anti-immigrant legislation and ideas predicated on the premise of better integration and opportunity to immigrants, however, with the local elections, it is time to begin to sent a loud a clear message to the ruling coalition – we want to be represented by tough, principled, firm and just politicians who can exercise power with judgment and compassionate humanity.
Western ignorance of Islam prevails
Just like the cartoon controversy, this is another example of Western politicians not understanding in any depth the mechanisms of Islamic/Sharia societies and how our concepts of liberty, freedom and safety radically differ.

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