Sunday 26 March 2006

Fine headlines and rotten information

The News Junkie gets a fix
Nothing annoys me more than to read the news and find that it adds the suspense of some detail that never gets revealed. The reporters might be very seasoned journalists but if any topic is introduced, it should be properly covered.
When on holiday, I have to check news sources mainly from the BBC and the expatriate English news of the Netherlands. Sometimes I venture further afield with the World News and CNN, usually if what I have read has not provided much stimulation.
My best friend once called me a news junkie, maybe I am.
I am not planning to change the world, but I like to know what is happening because all sorts of information, news, events and detail have ways of impacting on you and not necessarily for profit.
I have also once commented that I do not really want to be the 'first to know', but then I want to know what could be relevant to my situation.
Nowadays, a situation halfway across the globe can have far reaching effects locally, like war, disaster, unsettled markets, imports and exports along with political issues.
If one cannot prevent at least one knows and can prepare for eventualities.
So, on BBC News, I surf the general location based stories, look at business, entertainment and then sport.
Sometimes there is a big caption that one can click on from the main page.
I usually follow, tennis, football generally, snooker and then events that are newsworthy.
Following the headline
So, I read on the homepage Racing: Dettori wins richest race, Yippee! I click on the link and I am given the title Electrocutionist takes Dubai Win - So, now we know the man, the name of the horse and it is in Dubai. Aha! I have seen adverts about the Dubai World Cup - Click!
I read through the whole copy, it is Dettori's second win, it was trained by Godophin, some other races had winners and all that trivia about six-legged races. Fine, the page has to contain something, reporting from Dubai does not come cheap.
Nowhere in all that copy do I find the prize. Come on! We've been told it is the richest race, that will excite anybody's curiosity - How much?
Then I clicked on the Dubai World Cup link on that page, and I tell you if it were in a horse race, it would have come home the next day - I did not get the information we were sold in the byline of the news we were presented with in the first place.
For now, I cannot be bothered to find out what the prize was, but you can understand, I am quite noticeably irked.

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