Friday 31 March 2006

Lady Oddjob throws her hat in

Bag hits table with a thud
It is with incredulity that I announce that my best Dutch minister, Mrs Rita Verdonk of the Immigration and Integration ministry is considering becoming the leader of the VVD (Liberal Party).
The position of leader became vacant earlier this month with a resignation stemming from a slight loss of influence in local government after the elections in early March.
The collective sigh of relief that would have out-blown any American hurricane that accompanied Mrs Verdonk’s decision not to join the race was palpable almost to the extreme.
Now the sharp intake of breath at this new development might as well be the reason for the low atmospheric pressure that allows for the current rainy days.
If I have ever sung the praises of Mrs Verdonk it would be for the ingenuity of the ideas she floats that makes right-thinking people cringe and quake.
The possibility of her becoming party leader is sure, but that of her becoming the Prime Minister of the Netherlands would be a first for a lady, but could also spell disaster.
What other liberty, tolerance, empathy, kindness, accommodation and value of the Dutch would be decapitated at her ascension? I dare not countenance the possibilities.
We need inspired leaders
What we require for the Netherlands is not some right-wing firebrand bordering on a loose cannon that has be rein in her commentary every now and again.
More so, it appears with the gravitas and authority that is lacking from the current Prime Minister one can be tempted with anyone else just to have some sort of leadership.
For now, her policies and politics are divisive enough to lose her support in the general populace and she probably has had the most threats of censure from the parliament about conduct, activity, pronouncements and abuse of power.
However, for the same reason, one can see the Dutch doing the improbable to attain the incredible and resulting in regret.
It is time to watch and pray.
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