Tuesday 20 January 2004

The Dubbiyew Report Card - 2003

The numbers do not add up
The world waited anxiously for the State of the Union address, which was supposed to be the precursor to the Presidential re-election campaign in 2004.
After 56 minutes of one-sided applause that occurred 69 times containing more rhetoric than substance, the Americans were left asking, "What is in this for me?"
The numbers speak for themselves on the front-page spread of the Independent newspaper of the UK The Real State of the Union.
Take a walk of the right edge
Enforcing the sanctity of marriage, encouraging abstinence, child discipline, faith-based institutions in the fore-front of social security and the renewal of the Patriot Act – this is the March of the Right over the whole of American.
Many of the issues whilst sensible did also expose the divisions of society in American. This leader leads to divide, the privileged from the under-privileged in every strata of society.
A closer scrutiny of all the presumably far-reaching announcements was sops to the privileged few in American.
The savings schemes for health and pensions to help the financial and insurance institutions, the energy issues to aggrandise the oil and energy lobbies, the faith-based institutions firmly placed in the polity to gain from the largesse of waste and tax cuts that benefit the very rich.
Choose your friends vigorously
The highlights of the speech include:
  • There are more votes in the Hispanic population than the gays of America
  • The war of terror enforces the Big Brother focus of the Patriot Act
  • Iraq and the coalition of the cajoled masquerading as global consent - See Blog
  • Healthcare issues should raise the stock profiles of the drug companies
  • Spare the rod and spoil the child
Americans and friends,
The lobbyist groups are strong
The special interest groups are emancipating
The crusades are marching on
The union, I cannot fix but give to you but more of the same, division, friction, unilateralism and pandering to the contributors to my campaign funds.
God bless America.

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