Tuesday 12 April 2022

You send me, yes, you do

You send me

I get caught in my thoughts about things I wish and hope for, the dreamy world of thrills and happiness envelops my thinking looking forward to something special and the stuff of wonder, miracles, fortune, and goodness that is love.

I have been consumed by this feeling like no other, even the memory of many loves past all put together does not attain my exhilaration at this, for they all add up to my understanding of what I know and believe I want and need.

The love and companionship that has lit up my world is amazing, and for all my skill with words, I am lost for the ability to express myself as well as I would want to. I know I am in love, and I am loved beyond measure, unconditionally, and so completely. I find myself wondering if I am deserving of all this, then I just go with the flow and feel the glow.

Thank you, Brian, for making all matter, making it make sense, and stealing my heart away to the place where it is nurtured, refreshed, rejuvenated and strengthened. You send me, darling you do, to places where dreams are dreams of realities too few would ever get to live. I’m in clover.

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