Tuesday 21 December 2021

In the dark streets of Cape Town

All power is gone

I was preparing fish for our supper when the television suddenly went silent, checking what might have happened, it soon dawned on me that we had had a power cut. At a time, I thought it was one of those load-shedding events that have dogged electrical supply over the last few years, but this was unscheduled, it came out of the blue and there was no indication as to when power would be restored. [IOL: Technical fault causes power outages in Cape Town]

The seriousness of the power cut was such that I also lost mobile phone connectivity, the cell towers were down, and I was basically off the grid, domestic roaming gave no respite, there was nothing we could do. The restaurant we chose to visit could take no new patrons as the kitchen was under pressure from the consequences of the power loss.

It is quite consequential

As everything is powered by electricity, water kettle, the stove, the oven, the food steamer, and the slow cooker were out of action, if this power cut lasts for longer, we might lose food in the fridge and then the freezer. Whilst I still prefer the domestic arrangements of staying in an apartment rather than a hotel room for long periods of time, one might be inclined towards temporary hotel accommodation soon.

It is my birthday and as I am temporarily incommunicado, I will not be able to receive any greetings until I find myself back online.

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