Wednesday 8 December 2021

An 18-year commemorative blog written by Brian

18 years old, the coming of age!

Nothing scares me more than having to transfer my thoughts into words, even so publishing such for a public audience. I realise I will always be more the reader than the writer.

Accepting my own challenge to write a blog to celebrate Akin Akintayo’s 18th year of blogging, I must say it is an honour not only to know this man personally, but it is also a privilege to have this moment to share with him.

I have so much going through my head on what I should write about in this blog, so much I could possibly say, but for me, the challenge remains to transfer these thoughts into written words, but I keep in mind the advice I have once been given often, that to just let it flow.

I will be honest; I can never express myself, of what I see in the world around me into words as effortlessly as Akin and I could never try to be like him. Reading through most of his blogs, I am sure that I am not the only one left waiting for the publication of his first book.

Akin, we are all patiently waiting.

Before I make this blog all about me, it is not, this is about Akin who on this day 18 years ago started a blog not knowing the kind of impact it would have on many of his readers, not knowing where it would take him, but since his days of blogging began, he does express his views, release his thoughts, allows his readers a shared perspective into his lived experiences and sets free his thoughts into words of which he does so effortlessly.

In so many amazing ways Akin has shared most of his life experiences of both great achievements and disappointments, through Akin’s blogs we get a bird’s eye view of many aspects of the man.

I am sure for all of us that follow and read Akins blogs, you might agree with me that it is like that favourite television series you just cannot get enough of, and you cannot wait for that next episode knowing that it is going to be interesting, captivating, and lots that will educate, inspire, and sometimes even entertain.

To an amazing writer I say, keep on keeping on, your blogs are such great work, and may you always have the inspiration and courage to light up our lives as you do for many more years to come.


Thank you, Brian, for writing a blog to celebrate my 18 years of blogging, it is most appreciated.

Brian blogs at Brian’s Point of View and can be followed on Twitter at Brian07j.

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