Friday 16 September 2016

Dame Patience Jonathan: The Dosh Is Mine

Sing this to the music of The Girl Is Mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, it is incomplete, feel free to adlib, freestyle, contribute and improve.
Without doubt the saga of Dame Patience Jonathan’s frozen millions is exciting some untapped, yet amateurish poetic lines for publication. [Quartz Africa]
The Dosh Is Mine
Now it’s for me to act so tough,
Since it’s money I have earned,
Sure the bankers used another name,
But I have the credit cards.
The dosh is mine,
The whole damn dosh is mine,
Take you to court,
Because the whole damn dosh is mine.
Let me put you in the frame of things,
For that dosh was always mine,
You can threaten me with all you’ve got,
Really just a waste of time.
Because it’s mine,
The whole damn dosh is mine,
It’s every dime,
Because the whole damn dosh is mine.
I’ll tell you who I am,
Am untouchable.
And when I’m done with you,
You would so regret.
Never ever, ever mess,
With the dame.
I am really going to fight this,
You have just now heard from my lawyers,
Now unfreeze all the proceeds,
I need the freedom to spend my money.

I might yet complete this with more inspiration and whatever else.

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