Friday 6 May 2016

Thought Picnic: The currency of courtesy

Aerating a need
Courtesy is a priceless commodity and like thankfulness, gratitude, respect and consideration, it comes out of our basic humanity as something we either possess or do not.
Most especially in a professional setting, it is the lubricant of goodwill, an acknowledgement of value and contribution which sets in motion the willingness to be amenable, well beyond the call of duty.
It is a currency that matters such that the absence of courtesy or respect, does much to poison work relations, sowing discontent and sapping goodwill.
Calling out wrong
That one has to ask for courtesy, is unfortunately, a situation that leaves all parties quite embarrassed, if not close to ignominy and shame.
In the same vein, it is also interesting to realise that some people who have been tolerated in their uncouthness and bad behaviour, never seem to be trammelled in their unbecoming conduct that they are oblivious of this.
Incapacity is no excuse
For instance, a lady who lounge-splayed herself occupying more than one priority seat on the bus refused to budge declaring that she was epileptic and so in need of the priority seats. Whilst I could only agree that she needed one seat, it was no excuse to have atrocious social skills and a lack of consideration for others.
It remains necessary to seek harmony and demand a sense of order for the peaceful coexistence of all, at home, at work and on the streets. Someone has to do it and more join in when someone steps forward to bell the cat.

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