Sunday 1 May 2016


May I have permission to say?
May, all months you count on a hand,
May of the desire that begins with a day,
May of wishes many like grains of sand.
May this which you wish to pray,
May of which this is the first,
May you contemplate the day?
May it fulfil your thirst.
May you stir to rise,
May the day shine so bright,
May the clarity in your eyes,
May it bring you to the light.
May you be happy,
May all fear be banished,
May it be sweet like candy,
May joys like this never be finished.
May there be a friend,
May this friend be close,
May they see how you bend,
May a hand stay when it blows.
May you grow old,
May it be with one you love,
May the fondness be readily told,
May your stories show much love.
May what you long for,
May it bring much laughter,
May health, wealth, strength and more,
May it be yours now and ever after.

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