Sunday 1 November 2015

Thought Picnic: Filing bankruptcy on this emotional investment

The investment
The promises broken time and again as fondness turns to agitated demands for attention when the object of affection expresses interest whilst not making plans to engage.
There is a creeping sense of indifference in return for an enduring sense of infatuation that it has come to a head.
It is time to cut one’s losses before the engagement leads to a point where an investment bias continues to persuade one to put more in for diminishing returns.
Another lesson learnt
Indeed, a hope once existed for profit, but they are beyond the impasse, one party’s concern, care and consideration is being taken for granted.
The hopeless romantic that he is, hoodwinked by his own devices and deceptions has been taken for a ride much further than his intended destination, that he is left in the middle of nowhere long after the last bus has gone.
Hitch-hiking on the vestiges of emotional distress, that constant quest for love is dashed against the rocks of perfidy, pleasures misaligned and company stolen for the moment.
Yet the quest must continue because someone, somewhere out there is probably just that someone that will matter the most after all. We are done with the last unprofitable venture. Goodbye!

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