Friday 13 November 2015

Nigeria: Where we chew hungrily on the bones of our children

They never disappear entirely
Words spoken and heard by others might well travel far, however, what fascinates me is when astronomers say that can still read the echoes of the beginning of time. More so, is the fact that some stars we see today might well have expired, but the light from those stars having travelled lightyears has only just reached us.
So, imagine my surprise when yesterday someone retweeted a tweet I posted 1,065 days ago on the 12th of December 2012. The Internet has become like space, constantly expanding and extending to almost limitless reaches beyond the purvey of the originators of the published content, like a star whose light persists long after it has perished.
A hard summary of Nigeria
Yet, in its oldness was a new freshness, it was retweeted by others many times over again, maybe a testament to the fact that if some thought is put into a tweet, it will probably resonate with others.

Much as there has been a political change in the country, the real effects of the change are yet to be felt, the new government has been slow in starting and whilst the change is as good as any, especially from the outrageous kakistocrats that held the nation in an unconscionable grip of nepotism, obsequiousness, corruption, impunity and squander, things are very much the same.
Without belabouring the point
The #ChibokGirls are still in captive with the menacing #BokoHaram, we still have about 10.5 million children are not in school and facing a rather bleak future. That is not to talk of children victimised and brutalised by spiritualists and other kinds of reprehensible abusers.
It is still a struggle to start up anything viable from businesses to any kind of project and keep it going, employees are abused and exploited into complete helplessness against the tyranny of their employers, kidnapping for a ransom is sadly becoming a thriving business venture, the thieves might well be arraigned, but they have gummed up the system willing incomprehensible victories in the courts.
Besides, if you can show enough ostentation even from suspicious and unaudited sources of wealth, you will probably be worthy of emulation and be the people’s darling, the idea of being modest is literally excoriated and well, forget about justice or fairness, the system is weighed in favour of the powerful, the moneyed, the well-connected and those who can troop the best lawyers into court to intimidate the bench.
We do clamour for some change for the better, but it is still much a dream than a foreseeable reality, for now.

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