Tuesday 13 October 2015

Thought Picnic: Try to make me go to rehab

Preoccupied with levity
Many days have passed that I would have loved to commemorate, as I pay almost too much significance to the passage of time.
Yet with the passing of time comes experience and more of a story to tell of a life lived within the widest spectrum of emotion from sadness to joy, from ignorance to knowledge and from stupidity to wisdom.
Preoccupied as I have been with things that I would not, yet addiction has its hold driving one as if possessed towards destruction, careering down a precipice just in a path of an avalanche and volcanic pyroclastic flow coming inescapably from behind.
Then a dawning and a realisation begins to take shape in the mind bringing one to a place where there is probably help and succour and hope.
Distracted to attraction
We struggle as the relentless hold of these things, fleeting in moments, pleasure soon dissipated, the pursuit of happiness turning into a race towards perdition, breaking free into suffocating guilt and unease for a while as the oscillation comes around to take you back to that wretched-richly place of bloom and gloom.
Is this why people go to rehab? To find cures for their ills? Having their activities patterned for distraction finding new hobbies for old habits, fighting inside and outside the battles of human frailty with the hope that the victory will be the defeat of the past?
It is unlikely much will be achieved with the dogged determination of self-help and asceticism, regimen is hardly the lot one has chosen for a standard, but we are at the beginning of something and surely, it should not be the death of me. I've done therapy, maybe it's time for rehab or at the very least, an intervention - now, I would really hate that.

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