Wednesday 14 October 2015

Thought Picnic: The recant of the pedant

Too much attention
Pedantry and facetiousness, the bothersome discomfiture of seeking the proper and correct out of the disordered and the ignorant.
Maybe, it just the lack of attention to detail, the kind of detail that means if and consideration were paid to the minutiae no one will be pulling their hairs out in frustration trying to fix problems that should never have been there in the first place. Hey! I literally live in a working world of the Wild West.
Letting it be
Yet, for my sanity and sanity indeed, I find that some things are not worth venting over, we resort to doing what we know best to do and hope that our troubles are assuaged to some extent by the gratitude of some who can deign to appreciate that our intentions and deeds are for more than the good and tending towards the best that could be done in the circumstances.
Another thing one has decided to tolerate and probably ignore is that has been a bugbear for too long, the ignorance of the sartorial, all buttons done up on a suit jacket.
A Shibboleth of difference
One must accept that not everyone will know and there was a time I did not know too, but I have known for too long now that I can hardly remember when I didn’t know what to do.
Then again, like a watchword or a password, tolerance has given this to the Shibboleth, those who are aware are appreciated for knowing and those who are not are left on the scrapheap of the separated and ignorance.
For this and for that
There is no lifelong aim to bring culture to the Philistine just like not every glistening stone can be cut into a precious gem. You choose your stones with care before you fashion the stone for greater value. I can live with the fact that we cannot all be meticulously pedantic to a fault and annoying irritation.
If I do not have to exercise the emotional negativity of prejudging those outside the tent of proper and right, I can accommodate difference enough to know that we would never all be the same, that kind of diversity makes for what our humanity is all about.
It is with great difficulty that I can carry this mental disposition into my professional life and long may it be that this will be the hallmark for which one is known and remembered for.

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