Thursday 3 April 2014

Thought Picnic: Those Conversations with Chris

Was good whilst it lasted
The memories that return as you find yourself doing something you enjoyed doing with someone special.
The realisation that the person with whom you did those things is now a just a memory, gone into a void into which you have no reach but depending on what you believe, there is nothing after or an eternity to live beyond this life.
The memories however are felt strongly tinged with some sadness and laced with a longing you can never fulfil, except if someone else takes that place.
Long instant conversations
Good old variants of the Instant Messaging utility, from MSN Messenger through Windows Live Messenger and today as I typed away in Microsoft Communicator though the more current version is Microsoft Lync in the enterprise.
I tried to remember the old emoticons that broadened our conversation from saintly to sinful, from angelic to devilish, from nice to very naughty.
Those were hours and hours of chat with Chris, besotted and infatuated, crazy and madly in love, hopeless romantics at keyboards between London and Amsterdam, what seemed far was quite near.
O, the memories as time flies, and in October, it would be five years since … the memories and another day.
Never forgotten.

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