Tuesday 1 April 2014

Nigeria: Jonathan takes Aso Rock to vacate Presidency

Nigeria of promise
Nigeria is as eventful and exciting a place as ever, especially when it comes to power, money and politics.
The big surprise was however rooted in the expectations of 2015, about who would run and for the big prize, the Presidency.
With the National Conference in full play as delegates snooze themselves through serious deliberations that has Nigeria sleepwalking into an uncertain future, more certain things exist.
Safe in the knowledge
Aso Rock survived an incursion on by insurgents along with a successful defence of the armed forces against a jailbreak close to the seat of power.
This seems to have given the President great assurances for his future and that would be wonderful news to his beloved spouse, Dame Patience who some people uncharitably think her title is of similar provenance to the roadside procurer of abortions that labels himself a doctor and consultant gynaecologist.
Then the President having successfully apportioned blame where it is due, the world overblowing Nigerian corruption, the Northern leaders exacerbating Boko Haram terrorism and much else that it would appear he is responsible for nothing, it became evident to the man to concentrate on his future.
Aso Rock, going for a song
In a deal to make the eyes water, for not running in the Presidential elections of 2015, Goodluck Jonathan has apparently agreed to receive Aso Rock, the Presidential complex, with two jets of the Presidential fleet assigned for his private use, four assistants of cabinet rank, whilst retaining the respect and graces of an ex-President along with the emoluments of retirement generously doubled to assuage the loss of office.
In essence, the new elder statesman would suddenly be catapulted into the stratosphere of eminent world leader and consequently it would put him in the front running for the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.
A great man is born
To many of Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s detractors, this would be a most dramatic turnaround of status, standing and credibility giving Nigeria an ex-leader in the class of ex-US Presidents who have gone on to do greater things than when they were in office.
It is necessary that we have new Presidential quarters as we have over time replaced the accommodations of senior political officers with even gaudier expressions of kitsch architecture. Aso Rock needs a new Aso Villa with better isolation from the realities of Nigeria to allow new leaders concentrate on the job of leading their lives in oblivious awareness of little Nigerian lives.
It can only be said with this deal that President Jonathan has like a visionary that he always was put himself before Nigeria in a way that deserves commendation and praise we cannot find the words to express even if inebriated.
In the end, we can only say, long live Nigeria and the greatest good luck in Nigeria has surely without doubt gone to Goodluck Jonathan, the boy without shoes who has walked away without as much as a forced shoo.

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