Sunday 6 April 2014

Thought Picnic: The Power of Example

Where I thrive
I am a man with many questions, seeking answers to many things some of which I really should not be bothered about, but then such is my nature, my curiosity and a kind of precocity that in ways have become the kind of person my parents believe I am.
Besides this, I am sometimes surprised at the amount of information that comes to the fore when I have found myself in all sorts of conversation.
People are interesting, people are amazing and people are amusing. Engagement brings new relationships, many of which I hope to walk away from with some kind of mutually beneficial impartation. Sadly, it is not always the case.
The power of example
What impacts me most is example, more pertinently, the power of example as opposed to the example of power.
Like yesterday, I attended a training session that revealed possibilities of automation related to the work I do. Just seeing the trainer do things revealed not only what could be done but also how it could be done.
The how leads to enthusiasm and the desire to practice what has been learnt, which in turn might create ability and the power also to demonstrate what I have learnt to others.
Rising to a challenge
In some ways, I have been slow in demonstration being preoccupied with other distractions I am trying to resolve to clear the air for opportunity and expression. These are constant churnings in my mind, sometimes over-active playing with logic, probability, preponderance and rarity, seeking to do something completely radical or at least somewhat deviate from the conventional and average.
Example is something I also saw in church today, a couple celebrated and honoured for their work and commitment in the church community.
With that one suddenly realises that the barriers one has once put up can be removed and replaced with new opportunity. There is always a place to make a difference where the power of example can be the kindling for the example of innate power and ability we have at our disposal to be and to do.
If … I can too
It starts off with, “If” and culminates with “I can too.”
Another question tackled and an answer dropped into my purview by situation and circumstance to consider and act upon.
Thank you for the many examples of exemplary ability and conduct you have all been, in all this, the quest to be a better man continues.

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