Tuesday 4 March 2014

Thought Picnic: Push Right Back

Review, reassess
To a head they have come, the issues which should give you sleepless nights and having you losing your head along with others, but calm must reign.
The desire for order in the maelstrom of chaotic trickle-down requirements with no form or structure can be as distracting as it is confusing that you can easily lose the plot.
Order is possible when you can arrest the agenda and make your own. We have been pawns for too long in a political game of pressures that others have taken on and desire so earnestly to offload on us.
Push right back
We have to push back with reality and realism, adjusting what can be realised with the real truths of the situation. Honest and frank and let the chips fall where they may, but what should be known would be known.
There is no point enduring pressures of fantasies that the reality cannot accomplish. It is the precursor for stress and worse. We have become the dogs keeping the thieves away from the gates when we should have had dogs doing that for us whilst we slept soundly indoors.
What needs to be done will get done, it would only take a little while longer, and when it is done, we can be sure it would do what it supposed to do. Projects just need to get a sweet long dose of stark reality – Pretty Damn Quick.

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