Tuesday 22 January 2013

Thought Picnic: Seeing like our spirit does

Wealth in knowing
Discovering the wealth we possess is sometimes the most difficult knowledge to come about in the lifelong quest of knowing oneself.
Even those who appear to be so self-assured and self-confident to the point of being self-conceited bordering of nauseating arrogance may just be wearing a mask of extraversion that is hardly emblematic of who they really are or should be portraying of themselves.
Wealth is not just money in the bank even though it matters, however it should matter because it allows one to stretch and reach rather than just hoard for some fear of poverty suddenly mowing down our ramparts and laying us bare. We are blessed to be a blessing for an open hand is a hand that is open to receive.
Driven to succeed
The greatest wealth however is insight, knowledge that fuels expectation, that undergirds hopes and fills you with the kind of purposeful resolve that where you are at is transient and the journey ahead, adventurous and fraught as it might be, leads to a destination that will make it all worthwhile.
It is what gives joy to living well and strengthens the will to latch on to the affirmative in the midst of the negative and the uncomfortable, it drives you through that valley of the shadow of death assured of the fact that you will not faint but arrive at the summit to bask in the light of being an overcomer.
The amazing spirit in us
Time and again, I see people draw strength from deep within to do things that look like the miraculous, all because they believed and believed themselves enough to dare.
Fighting adversity with a tenacity that tells a thrilling story that sometimes never gets told, the spirit of man is amazing to behold, it takes him to places his senses are yet to fathom or his mind is yet to fully comprehend, but like the engine of a vehicle; take the breaks off, put it in gear and depress the accelerator – and where you are becomes where you were as where you want to be gets to become where you’ll eventually be.
In difficulty, we once again find the simplicity to completely understand things so easily.

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