Monday 21 January 2013

Thought Picnic: In difficulty find simplicity

Stranger in strange places
Hostile environments are not places where he feels comfortable especially when  more the stranger dependent on the friendliness of others around you.
Though it might not appear as if they are being hostile, the subtlety between willingness and unwillingness, responsiveness and indifference, needing but hardly giving or even hearing but not listening makes him think he is an interloper upsetting some equilibrium or norm.
Now, he should not take these things to heart, his natural disposition is still to be calm, gentle, considerate, understanding and engaging, it is necessary that this helps keep perspective.
Dialling back the scales
The first few weeks can be difficult, finding his feet along with the privations of company, comfort and the essential nutrition that he should by means pay attention to, it is unsafe to do without, yet he beds most nights without supper where that critically helps the medicine go down but the means are scarce as other priorities matter.
He did seek help, some came but not really enough that the stealth of worry is just about to become a rather itchy pillowcase, no antihistamines for a bed so uncomfortable – beware of the baggage of lack.
It is a matter of days, he comforts himself things will soon turn and if he does not fret, it might well be good for the figure; an unspoken resolution has used the conspiracy of circumstance to deliver a trimmer Adonis – many hunger for that, out of hunger or in hunger.
In every difficulty, he tries to find some simplicity.

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