Tuesday 8 January 2013

Thought Picnic: Be mindful your heart does not turn to stone

Words are lost
Numbness to handle the hurt but the hurt lingers longer than it is comfortable to bear that one is lost for words. So I find a jumble of letters to throw together in the hope that clarity will come, not out of luck but of determination to think it through. Confused.
For words do go a long way but I encountered a hermetically sealed organ impervious to the penetrative efficacy of words that I balked – This is not normal. Scared.
The code is cryptic, the words knotted into a conundrum that the writer alone can decipher – my ROTAS Square. Obfuscated.
Never before
My peace deserted me as I sought what I thought will help for I am a man who has seen what life can throw to unravel the sturdiest of dispositions and the most determined of characters. Perplexed.
As I learnt of my limitations to my shock one could only resort to inquiry, determine the cause and engage the knowledgeable to arrest a possible breakdown. Concerned.
Strong voices of those who could bring about change lent their wisdom and there seemed to be hope in the horizon but not far enough to see the desired outcome. Encouraged.
Don’t be nasty
However, on observing the impulsive bordering on the irrational, the genius of madness and the madness of genius has with maddening ingenuity deprived itself of its staunchest ally in an expression of irascible truculence; I am blown away. Befuddled.
Why do we compound hurt to maximise self-centred megalomania? Unimpressed.
No man is an island, but if you burn your boat before you have acquired all the supplies to live on your desert island, when your thirst comes and delirium sets in, not for the euphoria of the rescue from being a castaway but the rescue of an avoidable end, only the bones will tell the tale that footsteps once trod those sands. Marooned.
The message in a bottle might tell of who it was. Revealed.
Be mindful not heartless
My disappointment is palpable but I will hold my peace, the offence is great to many beyond the little world of self-satisfied resolution that exemplifies the many flaws we have overlooked, for a greater being exists that has so suddenly gone to ground. Displeased.
In a world where hearts and minds matter, be mindful that your once tender and loving heart does not turn to stone. Admonished.


Fitdad said...

Poetry with depth, meaning and admonition. Thought to ponder. Thanks for sharing. :) Beautiful.

Akin Akintayo said...

Thanks, I know I am not a poet, I did not even think it would make any sense - amazingly, it did. Thank you for your kind words.

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