Thursday 20 September 2012

Ten years of terminating the terminal with thanks

The news
He was prepared for what the news might be, which for many is sad and terrifying, he was ready to receive the truth and look ahead of what it really meant.
A strange situation for two weeks before the tests were conducted and they needed another week to really confirm those results.
That has become the significance of September the 20th for as long as he can remember, it marked an opening, a birth and now this.
Reactions of many
He could see tears of concern, maybe sympathy or even pity in the eyes of the bringer of the news and he talked of the issues this kind of news brings.
Anger, despair, denial, blame, depression and whatever else that followed the negative decline of self to nonentity but he heard and then spoke asking, whatever happened to hope.
There are many things to hope for starting with the news not immediately destroying you to miracles which could be far off but there is much else that life offers that the news of something terminal should not necessarily terminate.
Things can get harder, trials might get tougher, losses do get bigger but hope takes you beyond the limitations imposed by circumstances to possibilities beyond what one could ever wish for.
Lift up and thank
Now, the Grim Reaper has harvested many afflicted but not without a fighting chance and today marks for that man, 10 years ago he was told the Grim Reaper beckons by reason of that news but that has been 10 years of living life to the full like there is no tomorrow just as if again there will be many more tomorrows to fill another 10 years.
The news must never been the end, it must be the beginning of a new acceptance, a new life, a new hope and living like the living rather than dying daily as if one were the walking dead.
To his friends, his well-wishers and many more who have come and stayed as well as those who have come and gone. He is thankful, grateful and happy. To those who can – lift up your heads and thank God too. 

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