Wednesday 26 September 2012

Villa Bellagio running for Worst Hotel Prize

Still unconnected
The promise of the restoration of wireless internet connectivity at my hotel remains unfulfilled that I went to the reception this morning spoiling for a showdown and we had what I expected to have.
I had come to the conclusion that I had probably become a nuisance or at least I was getting treated as one considering no progress had been made on resolving the problem for each day that I had raised the issue with the manager.
Having now spent 2 weeks at the hotel with another week to run, the manager had still not cottoned on the kind of trouble we could become.
A French dump
9 days without a service that was the clincher for considering this hotel above others, nonetheless a free service had gotten to an untenable point.
It would have been comforting if without the Internet we had the pleasure of at least one English channel to watch on television but rather be home away from home, I am in the equivalent of a reeking hell-hole made worse by a lack of alacrity and urgency to address a particular need.
Once again, I was told it was a free service to which I said, I did not care if it was free or paid for, the reason business people choose hotels is for the convenience of being able to go online.
Pissing off the customer
For her faux pas, she then said I was not like their typical customer, there are 6 of my team in that hotel for 3 weeks, I as much as threatened to pull out all the team and seek a more amenable hotel, considering we did leave another hotel for Villa Bellagio after two nights.
If Best Western was still running that hotel before it closed for two years, I doubt they will have such a silly manager at the helm, one unaware of what is going on in the company that a critical service is lost and she cannot press to have it urgently replaced within a week at the very maximum.
Villa Bellagio to my mind considering all the hotels I have stayed in and I have stayed in quite a few has all the makings of a 4* hotel but like I said before, it is poorly served by 0* staff that by the time I have posted on, TripAdvisor, Expedia and any other review site that advertises the services of this hotel my experiences which are factually and truthfully well below par, their supposed proximity to DisneyLand Paris will count for nothing.
Breathe, Akin, breathe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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