Thursday 27 October 2011

Thought Picnic: Where there is life

The life we see

Sometimes, it looks like staring into the abyss, every road seems to have a road block, every idea seems to be fully disputed before it is voiced as a thought and you strive doing everything you know how as if to no avail.

The world with its demands and desires is completely oblivious of you, you are a name and an address; never a person always expected to answer calls, respond to inquiry and react to threats but it is unwilling to appreciate where you are.

You rise

Yet, within you lies strength you can never fully account for but you know that this vivid nightmare cannot go on forever; day always follows night and there is always a waking moment though perception will suggest the night is longer than it has ever been.

Mistake, mishap, misfortune have crowded at your till to pay for the goods, the comfort they have come to relieve you off but a fight within you says you will not be bereft of the solutions you desire.

Maybe you believe, maybe you do not, but someone somewhere is praying for you wishing you well and bearing the burdens you think you alone have borne – you cannot afford to despair, you cannot entertain disappointment for too long and discouragement should pass by long before it has had time to drop its unseemly baggage.

Breaking out and breaking through

You feel overwhelmed and at the same time you believe you will not only survive but thrive as a whole set of good circumstances that at one time seemed completely divergent and unrelated suddenly begin to form a new kind of amazing reality that you can only be thankful for.

As so on Tuesday, for a job I never sought, for pay I could not demand and for a trajectory I could not envisage but was offered the free encouragement of a willing mentor I start to help an organisation I once worked for implement change as a change comes to my circumstances.

The journey still looks long and difficult, threats that have been promises exacted and others that loom but I have always known one thing; where there is life, there is hope; where there is faith, there is possibility and where there is love, it conquers all.

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