Tuesday 3 August 2010

A reactivated network of sleepers

The return of the rummy
The project has been reactivated but uncertainties persist. It feels like a spy network of sleepers called back into service. Sometimes I wonder if I could have been a better gentleman and for the way I have been treated walked away from this debacle before I was twice bitten and messed up again.
July and August is serious holiday time in the Netherlands, even our transport services adapt their timetables to cater for reduced traffic, even the public works agencies schedules their infrastructure maintenance for these times, closing railways, bridges, tunnels, roads and many other services.
In effect, things move a bit slowly and the uptake for new opportunities is rare, though I have had quite a few jobs begin in July and August when I think of it.
Memory not well served
We have to make the best of the situation; the quids need to roll in as it does take a while for one to get back on an even keel after all that has happened over the last year.
I was welcomed back, we shook hands and shook heads but no one felt culpable, there would be new faces in charge who have to get up to speed by chatting to us or just speed past by ignoring us and then be brought back to the reality of things.
As for where we left off, my memory recalls a few passwords and it has lost others, they will all be reset and we might just get back into the flow of the politics, the meetings, the coffees and the excitement of executions, rollbacks, roll-forwards, escalations, priorities and typical office experiences of order in the midst of great anarchy.
For the most important thing, is my pocket square coordinated with my tie? Only just.

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