Friday 20 August 2010

Amsterdam SAIL 2010 is underway

Amsterdam SAIL 2010 is underway
What a fantastic day it was watching the tall ships sail in regatta style with guns, smoke, music, fanfare and much more.
The SAIL Amsterdam 2010 is underway. The day before, I walked around the neighbourhood and viewed the preparations much of which seemed to cater for the commercial aspect of things – kiosks for food and drink, recycling bins strategically placed and every little shop trying to cash in on the foot falls including estate agents.
However, one must not forget the maritime heritage of the Netherlands and most especially Amsterdam from the arrival of Stad Amsterdam with sails unfurled to the marines and navy – the submarine (Dolfijn, of the Walrus class), the battleship (Tromp ) and sail training ship.
In some ways, I was not inconspicuous, I had many pictures taken of me too, wonder what the interest or attraction was.
The night entertainment at the main podium had the Dutch navy as the band and they were good at everything. Just at the time of the fireworks one boat played out Eine Kliene nachtmusik (Mozart) from its horns – amazing stuff that cannot be captured on still images.
In any event, I took loads of pictures and they appear on my Flickr slideshow all to be annotated soon.

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