Tuesday 6 May 2008

I was asleep, I saw nothing

Motion-induced sleep

A crashing sound, a sudden jolt and I was woken up from slumber just like I was 27 years ago.

I am of the opinion that certain people never grow out of the sensation caused by rocking a child to sleep in a pram, put me in any moving vehicle and I would the king of the Land of Nod in minutes.

It was a weakness my father could not tolerate, a whack in the car and complaints that I am always falling asleep – no one considers that motion might be triggering a soporific effect – sometimes our parents never can try to understand why their children could be different.

The problem with this situation is that I have never been an eye witness to any accident in which I have been involved; I was always jolted awake to witness the effect.

The boss’ kid is a dunce

That day, I had been driven up to Agbara at the brewery for an interview as a laboratory assistant, well, it was not so much an interview, I already had the job, I was the son of the Chief Accountant, but all righteousness had to be fulfilled.

The joke was either going to be the son of the big boss was a dunce or the young boy is quite smart.

After answering questions like defining Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law, saying a few things about pH and titration, I was introduced to the staff and asked to report for work on Monday.

Whack and bang

As we were returning home the driver ran into the back of a tow truck that was laden with a damaged car and our car was written off. It was our driver’s word against the other with the supposed witness as useless as not being there.

On returning from Las Palmas today, we went into the bus stop which has parking lots that the bus drives into and then has to reverse out before driving off.

I was already halfway into the Land of Nod when as the bus was reversing it ran into the side of another passing bus and broke two panes of glass showering some passengers with debris.

Thankfully, glass in vehicles disintegrate with some controlled order or respect, if that is the word to use; they were moved out of the bus to another, our driver had to file a report and soon we were on our way back to Playa del Ingl├ęs where I can say, I arrived safely and managed to keep awake through the whole journey – only just.

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