Thursday 21 February 2008

Earth-queers quaking in Israel

Temple smarts and street dunces
It is a shame that sometimes we cannot look to our religious leaders to foster social cohesion and promote the need to help all peoples live together in harmony.
Their deep knowledge of presumably spiritual matters is sometimes expressed in crass stupidity about social, political or natural law issues.
Even those who believe in miracles do not oppose natural laws; no one would call for rain to come out of the ground nor would they expect the crippled to rise up and walk on pig trotters.
Then we have political figureheads of extreme and fundamental causes who in their ignorance and idiocy look for social cannon fodder to blame for simple natural occurrences which get passed off as acts of God.
Pastor President with Bible Constitution
Mike Huckabee the Republican presidential nominee aspirant represents one shade of that perspective where America would be in danger of having a pastor for a President and the Bible for the constitution – how that can be any different from Ayatollah’s Iran surprises me as so-called conservatives dyed in the formaldehyde of the past still ply in to vote for him.
Can anyone tell these people that human government is radically different from religious government? One requires popular support; the other thrives on the cult of the personality and worse things that impact on the efficacy of democracy.
Earth-queers quaking in Israel
However, the reason for this write-up surrounds the crass statement by a political leader from the ultra-Orthodox (read - not of these times) Jewish Shas Party indicating the recent earthquakes in the Holy Land were caused by gays.
In other respectable forums, a statement like that should make the person certifiable but because he is a politician, stupidity is taken for political savvy – my view – if many people vote for an idiot, it does  not suddenly make the winner of the popular vote smart.
History and experts
I am not going to go into a seismological survey of the Holy Lands but an expert in the geology of the Levant did indicate in November 2007 that the Middle-East was ripe for another earthquake.
Apparently, there are 400-year historical circles that offer a kind of pattern to these predictions with major earthquakes occurring at these times in history along the Jordan Valley in 31 BCE, 363 CE, 749 CE and 1033 CE – Other experts.
To go by the assertion of this political leader I would wonder what societal malaise might have taken a 400-year cycle to coincide with major earthquakes.
It is morally reprehensible for religious or political leaders to seek a minority group to blame for natural disasters and the sooner adherents and followers call their leaders to account the less their beliefs and dogma are subjected to ridicule.
Not 5 in the Israel of God
If I were to seek a Scriptural aside to this verbal atrocity one would only have to refer to the intercession of Abraham on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah where God acceded that He would spare them if He could find 5 godly people in those two cities.
In the end, only 4 escaped the wrath of God in those 2 cities; Lot, his wife and his two daughters – so maybe the earthquakes in the Levant could have been prevented but for the unfortunate situation that not even 5 godly men could be found in the whole of the Israel of God.
I do not need to carry this argument any further without offering the likes of Shlomo Benizri the opportunity to make idiots of anyone who gives any attention to his comments.
What has any minority done to warrant unfair and dastardly attacks like this?

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