Monday 18 February 2008

Cult of the Frozen Cow

Escorting Daisy

Taking Daisy the cow by the raised hoof and chaperoning her to the Repose Enforcement Centre (abattoir would be inhumane) where she would be selflessly be engaged in the service of nourishing men, one could only reflect on man’s inhumanity to her kin.

As some of her friends stood in line without the luxury of a valet, they became exhausted that they could not stand on their feet, they still submitted to repose without the respite or reprieve that might have come from a sympathetic judge.

In the end, we have reluctant and incapable personnel forced into service putting at risk the usually unquestioned professional service of the cow and all that might be result from it.

Call back the beef

The reality is, before you to send the men in white coats over to take me away; the United States has had to recall 64.9 million kilograms of beef that might have been tainted.

Tainted, in that sick or seriously distressed cows might have entered the food chain, the bigger scare being some of the cows might have had Mad Cow Disease.

Just over four years ago there was a similar situation of a probably infected cow entering the food chain; I am still amazed that meat from one cow ended up in eight states and the island of Guam.

Spare me the details

Sometimes, it is good to be spared the details of the food processing industry because this frozen beef being recalled dates back to the 1st of February 2006 – someone is about to tell me that I am could be eating beef that first landed in the freezer two years ago.

I might well be living in Antarctica and digging down miles to retrieve million year carcasses of long dead dinosaur meat – this is really getting crazy.

The want to kill our babies

To crown it all, the beef would supposedly end up in school lunch programmes and other federal nutrition programmes – if I had kids, I would be hysterical by now; but we all should calm ourselves down and react with a modicum of comportment.

Do not let your federal government be involved in your nutritional plan and be very wary of school dinners – basically who can you trust to do anything right?

People’s Burma or cattle’s America

In what does not look too far off from how repressive regimes clamp down on civil protest; the video, “showed crippled and ill animals being prodded with the blades of a forklift truck, kicked, given electric shocks and sprayed with high-pressure water hoses by staff in an effort to get them to their feet before slaughter”. BBC Source.

I could safely assume it was mad cowboys herding mad cows – I am off beef for the foreseeable future.


The Humane Society of the United States Undercover Investigation

Charged with Cruelty - The Video is quite graphic

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