Wednesday 2 January 2008

New Year's Considerations


To all my readers, friends, well-wishers and not to forget my detractors – I bear you no ill – I wish the very best of 2008 – the dawning of a new year bring the realisation of hopes, the strength to meet great challenges and a willingness to end the year well beyond what you have ever thought you could achieve.

Consideration not resolution

I was chatting to my friend who came over from England who smokes like a chimney, even Santa Claus would refuse to be blackened by the soot in this vertical tunnel – he had no resolution to stop smoking but he had consideration.

I have long opined that resolutions are too strong a stricture to apply to our weak will-power and resolve, however, maybe considerations are better.

You can break a resolution but a consideration means you are thinking about it without the self-flagellation and self-loathing that accompanies being unable to do what you "resolved" to do.

My considerations

And so, I have a few considerations, first of which is to manage the issue of my romantic failures, I have been unfortunate in relationships in 2007 – I know what I do not want in a relationship, but as usual one gets confused about what one wants in a relationship – I am learning.

I have a gym membership that has been running for years, maybe it is time to visit, you used a palm-print and pin-code which showed your picture to get through the turnstiles, hopefully, my palm has not evolved into a non-descript identity-less fossil – that would put paid to one area of forensics.

Professionally, there are a few irons in the fire including the possibility of a new role at the company where I am a consultant – we should see how that pans out by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I might get on the certification track of Microsoft again, after 9 years – just for the fun of it.

Blogging, not an English word

Blogging would continue as usual and hopefully with more vigour and enthusiasm, sometimes one is caught up in blog-think but unable to write anything down – been having too many of those lately, might have to try writing shorter blogs; that would be difficult.

I am surprised that blog, blogging & blogger have yet to make it into the standard English dictionaries of word processors – they must be lagging behind the times.

Finally, without having asked the permission of my outrageously handsome baby-face brother – Gosh! I’m jealous – He sent me a text message written in SMS-English but I would transcribe it to traditional parlance – to wish me a Merry Christmas and I cannot but share his words here.

Be it,

Climbing to Attain,

Running to Obtain,

Walking to Retain,

Or Standing to Maintain,

You shall be extraordinarily distinguished,

Amongst Millions.

A few more of those people on earth and what a wonderful place this blessed planet would be. Thank you brother, love you lots.

Happy New Year! Everyone – Hopefully, you have all recovered from the excess of the two nights before, if not, you need a resolution more than you need a consideration.

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