Monday 14 January 2008

I hate being a pawn

An unwilling pawn

I did not see this coming, I thought I was an important piece on a chess-board only to find out that I am being played like a pawn about to be taken off the board en passant.

I had been looking forward to my new role which we were about to flesh out in the month of January before it starts on the first working day of February.

The promise or what I thought it offered was an opportunity to move out from under the project management that had stifled my objectives with inertia, lack of vision, incompetence, self-preservation and cack-handedness.

I was to lead this group until I had a meeting on Thursday with the project manager who probably does not know that he is the main reason why I refused to take up a permanent contract in July and put in my notice in October.


Somehow, as we were realigning the focus and developing aims for the new team, I should have sensed that the interest and involvement of the project manager was a manoeuvre for new relevance at my expense.

The director I thought I would be reporting to had offered the leadership of the team to the project manager whilst I was on holiday and I was to assume a consultancy role.

Errr! I do not think that is what I had in mind at all, it would not work because I do not expect a Damascene conversion to dynamism to help me achieve what I hoped to achieve.

My marketing literature is really now on the market, it would appear, January the thirty-first is my last day here after 17 months.

I hate being a pawn and if I should be a pawn I should a significant one on the board, ready to capture a helpless principal piece or be promoted to a principal piece. I am off this chess board, I need to be in another game.

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