Friday 30 November 2007

Quadriga lags the valve badly

Slowly does nothing

I did see the demise of the thermionic valve-powered television, I am a child of the 60s, but this is worse. Having negotiated more menus than trying to order a 20-course wanton feast in Mandarin, I still have 3 coloured boxes on my screen and no picture.

This has been getting to me for quite a while, in these days of broadband and connectivity, I have found myself waiting for close on 10 minutes to flip channels on my hotel television.

Somebody has to tell me how Quadriga became a household name or gained a hotel hold on many hotel chains as the provider of digital multimedia services because it cannot be through expertise from what I have experienced of this rotten service.

The homepage of Quadriga reads like this - The number one provider of digital-IP based entertainment and internet services for the hotel industry – you have got to be kidding me, they even have 25 years experience in this stuff and are pioneers of the digital revolution – Who writes this kind of advertising schmaltz?

Quadriga - No good anywhere

I have seen this rotten performance in the Accor Hotel and Park Plaza Hotel chain in many countries and I wonder how they are still able to retain both contract and custom. Now, the wired Internet connection is just fine, at 10Mbps, but that could also be better, people run a 100 times that on home networks nowadays.

Without prejudice, this smacks of the whiff of deals made through hospitality that might becloud the decision-making processes of people who should know that their judgment can be impaired by not declaring a vested or pecuniary interest.

However, I do not intend to insinuate or suggest that something untoward has happened, but for another similar service I am sure, heads would have rolled a long time ago.

A quadriga generally is four-horse drawn chariot, but the wheels have surely come off this chariot and the rider by happenstance has been decapitated as a result of the accident as the wheel came off.

I do wonder if hotel guests have really considered complaining about this rotten piece of slow technology pretended to be state of the art, and after all this vituperation, I still have no picture.

Get me the bellows, the thermionic values need warming up from the flaming coals.

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