Wednesday 21 November 2007

Feeling good at 65 - My Mum

We spoke in English as we have always done even though I can hold a decent conversation in Yoruba and we were probably chatting about everything for the best part of 45 minutes – I later asked my sister, if she looked good at 65 – the answer was, she looks pretty good at 65.

That beauty, if you must know is my mother, she had been expecting my call all day and I was looking for some free time which would have been the evening after work to call and wish her the very best of the day.

No doubt it was she – who sat and watched my infant head – not only when I was small but many a time when I was in all sorts of trouble she was there for me.

I had nothing to fear – whilst sleeping in my cradle bed – and when many a time, I met with situations that took away my sleep and my peace, she had answers in prayer and arms for comfort.

I may not have understood it, the love – and tears of sweet affection shed – a rock sometimes struck twice, sometimes rejected but at the same time the cornerstone of many things that make me stand and make me proud.

On this day, I say, with love and affection, Happy Birthday – My Mother – a priceless pearl, a comforting voice, a prayerful soul and a joy to chat to.

Long life, good health and prosperity! Cheers! - Sometimes, I forget her name means - enjoy a life of wealth - Have a good one, mum.

PS: The Highlights are culled from the 3rd verse of My Mother by Ann Taylor (1782-1866)

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