Friday 9 November 2007

Gosh! I am quite pissed off

As irritable as itch

Wow! There is a possibility that I am getting quite irritable for all sorts of reasons but mostly to do with work.

No doubt, there is a lot to do and it could be ground-breaking and rather interesting work but for some of the people I have to deal with to get things done.

Only yesterday we had a chat with the people that matter about my clearly stated intention to leave, I had come to the conclusion I could not get things done the way I want if there was not a root and branch realignment of perspectives of many of the people I need to fulfil my contracted goals.

I do understand that if the solutions were easy they would have been put in place easily, however, maybe a radical shake-up is required such that the fossils who have congealed into nay-sayer back-stoppers who cannot see beyond the noses of their perspective of things regardless of the business requirements can be given the heave-ho for fresh air to aerate our determined purpose.

In the end, I intimated that my decision about continuance would be revealed when I return from Barcelona.

Many bulls one china shop

One would expect that the project manager appreciates the precariousness of the moment and he would be a bit tactful so as not to push me off the edge, but therein is my naivety.

As I tried to conclude activities to close for my break, a call came from our man with suggestions that our product which meets the required security standards must be deprecated because some regional office has been caught in the unfavourable situation of having written code that now fails the security test.

I was having none of it, you do not change the sea because your boat would not float, you sort out your boat; but no matter how forcefully I stated that position I was getting this monotone of angst.

Basically, it would have involved undoing a good-month’s work to accommodate a situation that would be forcefully changed in weeks to meet the setup being rejected.

I tell you, I was having none of it; I would not have someone rubbishing my deliverables in order to shoehorn a flailing project into an atrocious schedule.

I’m done with this

Anyway, the emotion of anger gained traction and the conversation ended with my offer to walk out with immediate effect and my returning Monday-week to clear my desk.

I tell you, this man just knows how to push my irrational, uncompromising, completely fed-up, annoy-me-seriously buttons like he has spent 1,000 hours in an Akin-simulator looking for the bugs.

Courtesy however requires that I inform the big boss of these expletive throwing developments as he calms me down for a cup of Espresso-Choc and we decide that a talk is required when I return – I sure believe I am just as much as done with this job, sadly, it would have been a job that could have been completed better but for …

Now to pack my bags and probably seek succour in the Sagrada Familia tomorrow evening.

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