Tuesday 30 October 2007

Etteh resigns!

All for themselves alone

After 5 months of being inaugurated, the House of Representatives have finally reached a major breakthrough about deliberations concerning the people of Nigeria – just themselves.

They have wasted valuable parliamentary time which should have been addressing the serious challenges of Nigeria probing the order for a NGN 98 million or $824,000 body massager that was refused along with the $5 million renovation of the Speaker’s and her deputy’s residences with 12 cars to boot.

It is a shame that a woman attained such a high office in Nigeria and squandered it on greedy megalomania and self-aggrandisement forgetting that she could have been a beacon of hope to all womenfolk not only in Nigeria but Africa at large.

Raised to disgrace

But this is what happens when an “uneducated” beautician is politically imposed on a process by godfathers who have no scruples, whose corrupt claws can be found in everything that makes the democracy in Nigeria a shambles.

The height of the probe into these rotten activities of the Speaker came when a squabble ensued during deliberations and one of her supporters got roughed-up, he suffered a heart attack and died.

To crown the disgraceful situation, a plenary session was held in memory of the hapless politician, I could not find the words to express my disdain – I kept my peace.

As the House tried to debate the findings of the report that probed these activities, the Speaker wanted to sit as chairman of that session rather than recuse herself – well, as if a stark illiterate or a politician given to the culture of impunity that grinds Nigeria to halt would appreciate the need to do the right thing.

The opposing representatives who call themselves the Integrity Group, makes me wonder if there can ever be a politician of integrity rather that self-interest in Nigeria; apart from the “servant-leader” who cannot find a hospital in - the whole length and breath of mighty - Nigeria for a check-up that he has to go to Germany – Again!

Splitting hairs pro-tempore

It got to the point where they were splitting hairs – well, a beautician would know about that – as to whether to have a Chairman pro-tempore or a Speaker pro-tempore to preside over the meetings. These people can leave you completely breathless, they know all about politicking but nothing about the responsibility that comes with having a mandate.

It appears after all the disgrace that has been heaped on Nigeria by these shameless, congenitally corrupt grubs who call themselves representatives through conduct that would unbecoming of the most disreputable criminal organisation that could ever exist, the Speaker has decided to step aside.


Well, the BBC says she has resigned and a temporary speaker, a man has been selected to preside over these meetings – it is unlikely that another lady would be given a new opportunity to take that chair, but hopefully, ex-President Obasanjo would keep his hands out of the cauldron this time – so much for having a protégé that can been hounded out with disgrace.

For now, I have no word for all those who thought the survival for Patricia Olubunmi Etteh meant upholding the dignity of the Yorubas; or that it was just politicking even though that played a major part; you should hold your heads low in utter shame even though none of you would find redemption in sackcloth and ashes.

How long shall we have to glaringly see wrong hit us in the face and do us grievous damage and still insist everything is alright?

Starting with the cabal that makes up the leadership of the ruling party and their cohorts, you are the shame Nigeria needs to be rid of, like cancer, you must be excised and burnt as blubber – you make me utterly, utterly sick – Urgggghhh!


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