Friday 5 October 2007

Coming out of it a human-doing


First I like to thank those who have dropped by with comments which have served as comfort in a personally tumultuous time.

It is strange that my discomfiture has been worse when I have had a second to think at work rather than when I am in the safety and warmth of my home.

What has surprised me is my delayed reaction to this matter, it happened almost 4 weeks ago, but it was only at the beginning of this week that many of the implications started to sink in.

There is anger, self-pity, loss of control, a fuzzy focus and denial but one must needs gain focus and assume control of these affairs – my head cannot afford to cede control to my heart for too long – meanwhile, I have a life to live and too much energy to going into autopsies and hugging cadavers. Yuk!

I find myself agreeing with an analysis made on the My Family sitcom, I am not only a human-being, I am also a human-doing, I have to be doing something and hopefully something exciting, challenging, new and different. I still need to learn to be a proper human-being regardless of what I am doing. [Context of human-doing here is not hedonism or materialism but elements of being a control freak – I honestly do not think I am a control freak, just as a drunk would not confess to being an alcoholic.]

Getting into exciting stuff

We all have to find ways of dealing with these matters in our different ways and I see some major decisions coming because I need new compelling challenges not distractions to close this chapter properly and open a new one.

Again, it is work related but it would be mixing work with pleasure, I would be off to Barcelona in November for the annual “religious” camp-meeting of senior geeks in Microsoft tools and software – I would not say I am a geek per se, but I do think geeky stuff and sometimes do geeky stuff.

The camp-meeting once called Microsoft TechEd and now called Microsoft TechEd IT Forum is a big tent meeting of technology movers, designers and architects using Microsoft solutions, you can imagine that apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors of the Microsoft doctrine would be whipping up hysteria and excitement sharing the purposes and strategies that people like us have contributed to the pool of knowledge that Microsoft adapts for local, enterprise and global solutions, it could be great fun.

An enduring experience

I was last at a Tech Ed event in Amsterdam in 1999, it was year of great change with SMS 2.0, Windows 2000, Active Directory and .NET being introduced and made accessible to us.

This year in Barcelona, it is Microsoft Vista which I believe is not ready for enterprise deployment for many reasons including the fact that the support infrastructure is not wide enough to handle user issues and enquiries, System Centre which covers all management and administration issues – these are the areas I am quite interested in.

At the end of the forum, I should be buzzing with Microsoft miracles to unleash on projects under my remit – I am definitely looking forward to that, 5 days of camp-meeting out of a 9-day holiday.

My revival has begun!

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