Tuesday 17 October 2006

The real world of John le Carré

John le Carré

An interview with John le Carré on Dutch TV covers topics like Africa the Congo, the end of the Cold War, democracy, globalization and terrorism.

Whilst the introduction and some commentary is in Dutch, the interview itself is in English.

Choose the media player and the speed of your connection – breedband is broadband; and then click on Opslaan which means Save.

Some of the stuff he said (not verbatim more paraphrased) -

Africa is the pistol and Congo is the trigger.

The causes are not to be read as excuses, there are causes of terror and they need to be studied. We can view the war in Iraq on the very basic premise - let us get our hands on the oil of Iraq before the Chinese get it, it is rightfully ours to obtain because we are have the right by reason of being the chosen people.

Terrorists are soldiers without guns, soldiers without planes and soldiers without uniforms.

We do not understand the power of hate, the power of resentment in our society.

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