Sunday 15 October 2006

Mr Moon's Magic Circus

Of moons and days

Somehow, Friday, October the thirteenth passed without much superstition in computer circles, at least the press did not get carried away as they have in years past with the unlucky 13th falling on a Friday.

The day however, did not pass without event – the circus confirmed its new chief performer and somehow a bank and a man split the proceeds from banking for the poor.

Considering this time of the lunar cycle, whilst the circus was busy trying to get the pride of lions – five of them - to agree on how to handle the lunatic hyena that has had everyone excited with unpalatable acts and dangerous pyrotechnics – at half moon – the front-runner, first compromise selection of a Moon to light up the circus cannot have been that auspicious.

The moon and the circus

The Moon would have a juggling act on his hands, with a nickname Ban-chusa which can be read in derogatory terms as administrative clerk and all the connotations that that entails, he might as well live the realisation that the outgoing Nanny of the circus called the ScapeGoat.

It somehow has been easy to blame the circus when the circus acts usually consist of representatives of those who are quick to blame, berate or attack the circus.

It is also time to relieve the pride of lions their status as movers and blockers and allow other circus participants equal access to the limelight. There are elephants and rhinos who can command just as much audience excitement but for the vested interests of the pride.

60 years ago, when the circus was founded, animal cruelty and outrageous circus acts could have been par for the course; we live in different times now.

Détente 1718

As the Nanny melts into the background after 10 years of service from Ghana, the Moon has the task of handling the Seventeens and Eighteens that have been imposed on hyena territory.

The lions gnawed at the feed that no one knows what was fed them in the first instance, the hyena obviously was not the best pleased.

It brings to thought how sanctions can be enforced without the threat of force, just as circus acts perform under the threat or commanding presence of the whip.

The silence of a threat

On matters of principle, I have the knack for strongly expressing myself, however, in many of those cases, those to whom I have made my point have not been of the same civility and restraint of animal instinct that I possess – in the end, I have ended up being physically worse off – beaten up by a gang or being grabbed at my throat for expressing displeasure at being disrespected, dispossessed or disgusted.

The concern here is that the fear of physical harm, because people who cannot use their brains in discussion, debate and dispute are going to react like untamed animals unfit for the circus, this might temper the desire to express oneself.

Suddenly, the need to get fit is hardly the point, but that for taking self-defense classes becomes even more pertinent. I should however, know when to run away when my principled stance suggests otherwise.


North Korea and WMD

Mr. Moon’s Magic Circus

Note: Mr. Moon’s Magic Circus was a children’s television show in the 1980s with silly comedians and funny acts – The video might not been of the best quality on your system, but the musical score should be fun to listen to.

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