Monday 30 October 2006

The news takes the weekend off in Nigeria

News takes the weekend off

What really goes on in that country? That is the question I had on my mind this morning as I looked for local information about the air crash that took the lives of prominent citizens of Nigeria; the spiritual head of Nigerian Muslims and his son and grandson.

Going to the Nigerian government website, the latest press release is dated the 27th of October, in the midst of the fact that we had a major tragedy on the 29th of October – the news probably takes the weekend off and does not get paid overtime.

The Ministry of Aviation has no news on the crash the page about the Aviation Industry in Nigeria shows a blank – I am not surprised, there is nothing to write home about with the incompetent professor in charge who has had nothing to show than preside over the increase of flying coffins masquerading as aircraft.

Then, I clicked on the link to the NTA, the premier television and news station, whilst expecting what they published as Click here to Watch the most current NTA network news, only to end up with a News Extra programme recorded on the 25th of October, 5 days earlier.

Whilst we wait for the governmental news services to catch up with events, those who died, especially the Muslims are long dead and buried.

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