Friday 31 May 2024

Men's things - VII

Now I know the time

Only yesterday, I was writing about waiting for the next appointment to discuss the results of the adult histopathology labs ordered on my last visit after the transperineal prostate biopsy which leaves little room for comfort at the thought of it.

This morning, a new appointment arrived in my mailbox with a link to the hospital trust portal where you can review what is expected of you on your next visit.

It sheds no further detail apart from the name of the consultant I might be seeing and the option to bring a friend or relative along. The reliability of ‘friend’, the one who was to accompany me for the biopsy is questionable and no fault of his beyond the apparently recondite lack of facility.

Needing someone to lean on

I might have to inform my neighbour as she upbraided me sternly for not letting her know I was off to the hospital for a quite involved procedure.

Strangely, in preparation for the other visit, I was informed of the one-stop-shop service, I cannot recall the suggestion to bring someone along, it was loaded with possibilities without indicating any actualities, which makes it seem ominous that I might need a shoulder to lean on.

Obviously, I would be asked to produce a urine sample on demand or under duress before I see the consultant who trained in Manchester and holds several supervisory positions in clinical, educational, and training institutions. In my earlier feedback, I remonstrated about not being given the full details that informed the decision to do a biopsy until I asked questions and asked to see the MRI scans.

In my own time, at my own pace

I have resolved, whatever the outcome, I will take my time to decide on the next steps. For what it is worth, no one would want to lose the efficacy and function of the prostate gland and on one of those sessions where I heard a talk on prostate health, one of the speakers did say there is expertise to ensure it is not totally excised that you become a eunuch blessed with a protuberance.

That thought alone, I should banish from my mind. I already have my delayed biannual checkup scheduled for June and a week later, this one. Better to just think of the summer of love and the beauty of the flowers in fields and meadows. What bliss, what bliss indeed.

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