Thursday 30 May 2024

Men's things - VI

The wait, the weight

You find yourself waiting for something, the bits taken out and being processed in histology to determine if there is a case for pathology.

Meanwhile, the men’s things are healing even as you peek at the effluent now and then to note if the colouration is gone or if there are whirls of foreignness visited on the nectar that I sure do not want to explain to anyone.

Issues like this can weigh on the mind but giving it space can distract you from living and the vicissitudes of life. There are things to get along with, and those are better concentrated on.

The pinch of a prick

Even though you do not know what to expect, it has been over a fortnight, and you are hoping for the best. The longer things are you begin to think they cannot agree there is much to be concerned about though I cannot say I will be amenable to another biopsy.

This is one thing you only want to happen once and never again. As I describe the experience as mellifluously, I doubt I am proselytising the necessity to have these things checked. It is just unpleasant, not an unbearably painful and intolerable thing.

Apart from the occasional urethral irritation, there is not much else to report. Until I am invited for a further conversation, I will not be bothered about it. It would appear there is no urgency and so on my part, there is no need for any anxiety.

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