Friday 8 March 2024

Show me, seen it

A dual of a duel

What kind of conversation can one be having when certain questions are asked? One can imagine the duels of gentlemen from the past, but then each had a gun to hand to settle the matter. One needs to look at the brigandage of Westerns to appreciate it better.

One cowboy shows their hip with their gun holstered as the other prepares, and he is the fastest on the draw that probably lives to tell the tale. It is a quest to the death rather than initiating an opportunity for pleasure.

Obviously, there is a situation that has arisen from Internet chat in the last few decades and more recently dating apps, in which certain rather private elements of anatomy are shared for excitement, titillation, or revulsion, depending on your preference. The negotiation, which we must not suffer the detail of, can be interesting but much more should be left to the imagination than exploiting everything that nothing is left to discover.

Keeping treasures sacred

It is the shock of noticing something that you were presented with a quandary, in many cases, I have been forward to advise fellowmen to blow their noses, a colloquialism for doing up their trouser zippers, but where someone for their natural gifts wearing shorts has a wardrobe malfunction revealing much more than is expected, that presents a difficulty.

I guess that question is something along the lines of show me yours, but then before your thinking runs away into the abyss of impolite discourse, let’s just say you bought a bracelet that I also found myself prospecting for. Indeed, my inquiry might well be, show me yours and I will show you mine. You have to believe the innocence of this engagement; it is all I ask for.

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